Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Favorite Present for my son

For Christmas my son received from my sister and her family Kid K'Nex my son has fallen in love with these toys. Basically if you see him in our home he has them in his hands, we have to tell him to put them down when we eat dinner, he takes them in the car,he even sleeps with them. These are the best toys and keep him entertained for hours.
Here are a few of the items he has made with them.

This is a knight!

Here is a penguin!

A backpack!


Anonymous said...

You have quite the builder there! We love building toys as well.

We missed you at the shower. Lynnette made the teddy bear cake and Tara the diaper cake.

mom2three said...

I wish I could have been at the shower but with Eric working nights it is hard to find sitters. The diaper cake was so cute and so was the bear cake so talented.

Building toys are great. They have to use their minds and fine motor skills. Computer and TV can not do that.