Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shopping Deal of the Day

So I stopped at Shopko the other day with my 3 year old and we were looking around not really needing to buy anything. I was looking in the shoe department and I decided to try on a pair of Boots. I thought they were cute but were to expensive when I looked at the tag and saw they cost $35.00. The sales clerk watched me try them on and put them back on the shelf. She informed me they were on clearance. I looked at the box and noticed the small sticker that said $22.00 still to expense this time of year. She then stated she thinks they are cheaper then $22.00 and she scans them. They scanned at $7.00. WELL for $7.00 I think I can get them. I Put them in my cart and head to the check out, where they ring up for $22.00. I have the cashier call the shoe dept because they are not ringing up correctly. The Shoe lady comes up to the cashier and says yes they are $7.00 but since I had such an inconvenience of having to wait in line and the wrong price scanning I could have them for $3.50. I was very happy about this but it gets better. The cashier asks me if I have a Shopko rewards card. I say yes I do and she scans it. After all is done I bought those boots for wait for it....... are you ready...... $1.00. Using my rewards card took off another % off my total purchase price.

It was such an awesome deal on a nice pair of shoes that I had to share.


Anonymous said...

That's a great deal! Can't beat $1 boots! :)

Allergy Mum said...

You can't get better than $1. Great deal!
Allergy Mum -